Thursday, January 30, 2014

These Are Words

Arranged in a manner.
What to say, what to say?
 !Start with the Girl!
Nothing's really happened lately of great interest.
Beyond the Grand Adventure we call Insanity.
Just wandering, using this old device that I found someplace or another.
Talking to absolutely no one in particular.
Not caring if I'm heard.
He's ignoring me. And the past.
 I'd almost say I'm lonely.
I'm not.
 A journey would be nice.
He's lonelier than ever.
And I don't want to go.
I'll go North maybe, cold would be a Nice change of environment.
In theory. Maybe. Hear they have nice buildings up North.
Where North? Oh, anywhere.
He's not going to tell you about the girl...
I just want a
...he's still ignoring me...
 Nice little bit of peace and quiet.
Stop ignoring me!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Don't Touch It; It Will Bite

Little girl's running away from the world --
-- It's in the walls --
Dark tendrils eating up the light --
-- It'll be all over if they --
 Nothing is coming. Nothing is coming.
-- The walls!
But nothing is coming.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lone Alone One

We've been alone for some time now.
He and I.
She and me.
We know we're not okay.
She's more in touch than he is. But he's more in control.
And she wants to call out for help.
He's trying to stop her.
He doesn't want to be okay.
She does.